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SCRC is proud to be an official non profit association supporting the communities in which we live and work. Our Tax ID number for deduction if needed is 90-0716863. 

SCRC is committed to actively supporting our community through our charitable causes. The relocation community has so much to offer people in need and for 2019 SCRC is proud to partner with and support MaxLove Project. In addition, each year SCRC allows its members to nominate a charity that they are involved with or that is close to their heart. The Board will vote on which Charity it will support and make a donation on SCRC's behalf. 


About MaxLove Project:

MaxLove Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond. We empower families fighting childhood cancers and related life-threatening conditions with quality of life care, fierce foods, whole-body wellness resources, education and research. We believe that true health starts when families are empowered to be active partners in their child’s healing.

Inspired by Max Wilford, a brain cancer-fighting superhero, MaxLove Project is a volunteer-powered, grassroots, nonprofit organization founded to help SuperKids thrive against cancer and life-threatening conditions. Our mission is to ensure that every family affected by childhood cancer has access to therapeutic resources—from optimal nutrition and sleep to vigorous physical activity and stress management—that have been shown to powerfully impact quality of life and long-term health.

MaxLove Project’s programs and resources support families in the key areas of survivorship health. Each program focuses on the key evidence-based BE SUPER Actions for lifelong healthy survivorship. We are a community of dedicated change-makers who believe in the power of high quality integrative health care for all children. 


At the discretion of The Board, an annual charitable contribution up to $1,000 can be made to benefit an SCRC member’s preferred charity. The member should provide the name of the charity, purpose/mission statement of the charity as well as the rationale for the request subject to applicable privacy laws.  All requests are to be submitted to the Board by the President prior to October 1 of the current year, to be paid in the following year. Submissions will be reviewed at the next board meeting, and a check will be presented to the member at the following meeting.  In the event that no member requests are received by October 1, the contribution for that period will be waived. A minimum waiting period of 2 calendar years should apply before a charity can be re-considered for subsequent donations.


SCRC requires that the proposed charity meet specific criteria to be considered:

·         Be previously designated a tax-exempt non-profit organization or otherwise designated as a bona fide charitable organization

·         Show program capability, sound fiscal policies, responsible management, evidence of long-range planning and effective use of volunteers

·         Have a competent, active board of directors or similar governing body providing sound

·         policies and guidance to the organization and its members

·         Produce a budget, financial statements and a plan for funding beyond the period covered by the proposed contribution

·         Show a method of evaluating the results of the proposed project


In addition, SCRC requires:

·         That the individual nominating the charity is a member in good standing of SCRC.

·         There are no deals that are contingent (either in fact or in appearance) upon the granting of the charitable aid

·         Normal due diligence has been conducted to verify that the charity is legitimate and reputable, and financially stable

Please fill out the form and send to Jessica Bailey Wyatt to apply. 

Click Here for Form


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